Anti snoring treatment will benefit epileptics

By: Emily Lunardo Sleep Wednesday, December 06, 2017 – 05:00 AM

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Anti snoring patients make use of a CPAP device to enhance signs and symptoms from the sleep problem. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment methods are delivered by using a mask worn as the individual sleeps. The mask provides continuous air with the nose or mouth to help keep airways open from better sleeping. Research now shows that laser hair removal might also benefit people with epilepsy.

For that study, from the 197 patients with epilepsy, only 75 of these was without anti snoring. Poor sleep is really a risk factor for seizures and frequency of seizures are usually greater among patients who are suffering from poorer sleep.

Lead investigator Dr. Thapanee Somboon described, “Sleep apnea is typical in individuals with epilepsy, but couple of physicians screen for this. All patients with epilepsy ought to be checked for sleep problems, including insomnia and anti snoring since there are effective treatments.”

Several 122 patients had both epilepsy and anti snoring and 72 of these used a CPAP device to deal with anti snoring.

After nearly annually, over 60 % of individuals patients who used a CPAP device saw a 50 % decrease in seizure frequency when compared with when they didn’t treat anti snoring. Individuals not utilizing a CPAP only saw a 14 % reduction. In addition, 85 % of individuals undergoing anti snoring treatment experienced “successful” way of measuring seizure control when compared with only 55 percent of individuals who didn’t treat their anti snoring.

Many patients with epilepsy are frequently unaware they have anti snoring too so they are certainly not obtaining the medicine they require, not just to treat anti snoring but as a way of reducing their seizures. If you’re a patient with epilepsy or know somebody who has it, it might be worthwhile to endure a sleep test to discover any possible sleep problems or problems as a way of lowering the frequency of seizures.

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